Pluto Robot


pluto 3.0 - InTAKE 2019

In General:

  • Make robot work more reliably
  • Rethink business case, build Service app and make various delivery options work
  • Make Pluto more robust
  • Make robot more visible and save for the public
Before After Pluto 3.0 Intake 2019

Comparison Pluto 1.0 and Pluto 3.0

Specific features:

– Integration of a cover for theft protection
– Anti-vibration system –> suspension
– Programming demo mode for showing Pluto at a fair (or similar)
– More indicators on robot and improve design further
– Increase robustness in challenging weather conditions (e.g. strong wind, rain, snow, fog, …)
– Adapt lights and flag for visibility and public safety – Create a prototype ordering app