Pluto Robot



This is a list of Software that is needed to work on Pluto: Original link

PC Development Environment

The machine should a linux machine with a running ROS environment. Intake 2019 used ROS Melodic, ROS2 Galactic used in Plutorobot 5.0

Your Development environment can be set up either by using a pre-existing VM with all required libraries, or set up it on your own (recomended):

Development Environment based on pre-existing VM:

Development environment created from scratch:

  • If the VM machine above doesn’t work, your development environment will have to be even a bare-metal Ubuntu machine, or a Ubuntu VM with the required packages installed (follow instructions from section ROS Instalation from the linorobot official page)

Embedded Environment

Have a look to ubiquity robots and the image for the raspberry Pi

Start from scratch

The basic embedded environment is from ubiquity robots and can be downloaded and flashed following the instructions in the website and run on a Raspberry Pi3 and Pi4

Under Ubuntu Linux we recommend using the GNOME Disks tool to flash images onto the Micro SD card as it has native support for xz compressed images. If you haven’t installed it, simply run sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility. Then you can double click on the downloaded image file, the GNOME Disks tool will automatically come up, and you can direct it to expand the image on to an SD card drive attached to your computer.

On other operating systems we recommend using etcher to flash images onto SD cards.

If you want to understand how the system is setup, how the electronics works and many other development aspects, consult the wiki on pluto development in github