Pluto Robot

After thorough understanding & analysis of the previous generations of Pluto, we arrived at a conclusion to move ahead with carryover variation for the frame system and embodiment variation for the storage compartment.


The frame is rigid enough along with the transmission assembly. Rework was done on replacing some damaged parts like suspension arm & transmission.


The Storage tank was designed to preliminarily focus on some key issues:

  • Carry 4 drink bottles (capacity reduced to optimize battery usage)
  • Internal slot space for wiring from the front till rear
  • Rear section with vertical sliding type electrical boards for ease of changes and validation.
  • Battery placed on bottom to enhance COG.
  • Front extruded section to act as shield above LIDAR and also carries a NFC smart lock within for tank security.

For further information regarding Frame parts used, Bill of Material and step files, you can visit IPEK Sharepoint (only accessable in KIT Network or VPN)