Pluto Robot

Team introduction

The Teams consists of several Intakes of “Management of Product Development”. In the Master of Science Program participants are enabled to analyze, design, operate, and implement product development processes in their companies in an optimized way. In a repetitive optimization process each Intake further develops the already existing robot.

Intake 2020

The team from left to right: TOP = Teddy Simpson, Chandan Karimane Manjunath, Daniel Ankele, Kevin Choque, Gokul Anand Dorairaj BOTTOM = Qian Hu, Sinem Sahin Theodore Simpson Responsibilities: Mechanical Design, hardware portion of the electronics and fabrication/assembly „Pluto was a great experience that involved all aspects of Product Development.“ linkedin Chandan Karimane Manjunath Responsibilities: […]

Intake 2019

The team from left to right:
TOP = Marten Beier, Timo Speck, David Contreras Schneider, Jonas Wilfert
BOTTOM = Sudeep Prakash, Marie Currle, Ranjith Kumar Mark

Intake 2018

The team from left to right:
TOP = Haril Kumar, Akash Datir, Yuchi Qi, Marius Keil
BOTTOM = Lawrence Iviani, Tibor Mellert