Pluto Robot


Electronic System Overview

Electronic system Design

The base controller is strongly inherited from the linorobot Base Controller for the 2WD design. The DC motors in the original projects are substituted with Brush-less and ESC system (See system overview for more details)

The above schematics is amended as follow:

Motor Controls

  • Controller Motor Left define PWM PIN 21
  • Controller Motor Right define PWM PIN 5

RPM Acquisition

NOTE: acquisition signals are split between ESC and Teensy

  • Motor Left Phase_A 15
  • Motor Left Phase_B 14
  • Motor Left Phase_C 20
  • Motor Right Phase_A 10
  • Motor Right Phase_B 11
  • Motor Right Phase_C 6

Electronic system interaction

The system interactions, between different components are defined as follow. (Powers flow and control flow)