Pluto Robot


Methodological approach

During the development of Pluto we used several methodological approaches. The most important are displayed here.

PGE – Product Generation Engineering: 

Like in most cases a product development does not start from scratch – one bases their product on a previous generation. Therefore Product Generation Engineering helps one to organize and structure the most important topics to advance successfully towards a new generation.

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IPEM – Integrated Product Engineering Model:

Within the development of a new product generation one needs to structure all activities. Therefore the IPEM helps guide one tthrough the whole product development process by using predefined activities and methods.

Integrated Product Engineering Model (IPEM) Link for more informations: Scrum Methodology
With short iterative cycles one focuses on the most valuable outcomes, as well as cross-functional & self-organized team the Scrum methodology fits perfectly to the general overall approach of PGE and integrated product engineering model. Link to Scrum Guide: SPALTEN Problem Solving Within the IPEM the problems which pop up during product development are solved with the SPALTEN method.
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Persona Development for Next Generation Pluto
Stakeholder Analysis

Henry Hector

Test based development used for analyzing battery and software in Pluto 5.0

KANO Methodology: To clearly specify the different requirements for Pluto 5.0 based on available resources and with a future perspective.