Pluto Robot

Get ready your ground bot application, quick and cost effective with the Pluto 2.0 platform

A flexible, modular and reliable, ground transport bot architecture. Based on the powerful ROS framework, a construction that can easily scale up and down in size, power and speed with minimum changes.

The prototype is an autonomous driving beers transporter, with up to 15 kg of payload but you can easily adapt to your application

Architecture Features

  • Self Mapping
  • Automatic routing
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Modular layout
  • Power train (300 W continuous power)

Prototype Achievements

  • Max speed of 10 km/h
  • More than 30 minutes minimum of autonomy

Prototype Features

  • Cooling system (up to 150W)
  • 6 bottles payload
  • beer opener
  • Manual locker

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