Pluto Robot

Get your drinks delivered with the improved bot application, safe and reliable with the Pluto 3.0 platform

A reliable and safe ground transport bot architecture. Based on Pluto 2.0 framework we created a improved delivering robot with great new features.

The prototype is an autonomous driving beers transporter, which is in improved in safety, reliability, driveability and visibility.

Architecture Features

  • Optimezed Mapping
  • Automatic routing
  • Optimized Software
  • Power train (300 W continuous power)

Improved Features

  • Suspension
  • Omni-Wheels for 360° Movement
  • Robust chasis
  • Optimized gear transmission
  • Ordering App

Saftey Elements

  • Flag for recognition
  • Back (red) and front (white) light
  • New Cover
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance

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