Pluto Robot

Upcoming challenges for Pluto 5.0

Mechanical Design:-

  1. To ensure the customers receive the final products , print the design concepts from Pluto 4.0 for housing to make the pluto safe from possible thefts.Even consider making a locking mechanism to make it more secure
  2. To excite the customer during delivery add some soft closing hinges with a door in housing, add some dew effect when they open the door to make them feel excited
  3. To deliver the beers without any breakage , print a beer holder which stabilizes the bottles
  4. To deliver cold beers in a hot sunny day , consider using a cooling system with Pluto 5.0

Electrical System Design:-

  1. From a developer point of view to eliminate the possibility of  wastage of development time  invested in malfunctioned electronic parts like actuators , sensors and wired cables and their connections , all the electronic parts can be tested individually whether they work or not at an earlier stage
  2. To have a smart system to help the developers work quickly Setup a fault diagnostics system to autocheck critical components and provide a warning based on it
  3. To make the new developers understand how the wires are connected , consider labelling the wires , route them properly or even consider designing a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to simplify the connections and add a wiring diagram for further generations to understand the connections
  4. Challenges faced by developers due to unavailability of  some instruction manuals for important components like motors  can be overcome by even considering new products
  5. To overcome the challenge of development team working with the old parts which dont work like Battery , motor,sensors etc .  Parts can be prioritized according to criticality and a plan for purchasing new parts can be made

Software :-

  1. To ensure more resources are working in development of Autonomous driving function which should be the prime objective of Pluto 5.0 to ensure that the main function of Pluto to delivery beers autonomously ,prioritize and invest time to learn Linux and ROS platform to make this objective successful
  2. Try to make some informative videos or tutorials for the next intakes after Pluto 5.0 explaining how to get started with ROS and Software

                                                            Pluto 4.0

                      Pluto 5.0- A vision of how it might look like at the end