Pluto 3.0 – Intake 2019

Pluto 3.0 – Intake 2019 Previous Next In General: Make robot work more reliably Rethink business case, build Service app and make various delivery options work Make Pluto more robust Make robot more visible and save for the public Before After Comparison Pluto 1.0 and Pluto 3.0 Specific features: – Integration of a cover for […]

Pluto 2.0 – Intake 2018

Pluto 2.0 – Intake 2018 Previous Next Main achievements: – Modular and robust design future generations can build on– Driving outdoor & autonomous– 15kg of payload weight capacity– Obstacle detection & avoidance– Lock of beer compartment– Cooling system for beverages– Can operate day and night Timeline Challenges: – Behavior of brushless electric-motors– Breakdown of ESC […]

Pluto 1.0 – Intake 2017

Pluto 1.0 Previous Next Achievements: – Green concept: high percentage of robot built out of wood – Lockable beverage compartment for 6x 0,5l – Device could follow a line on the floor + possibly stop in front of obstacles – Group stayed within budget – Promising produt profile generation, concept studies and hardware documenation 2DS […]