Pluto Robot

Pluto 5.0 – Intake 2022

PLUTO PROJECT pluto 5.0 – InTAKE 2022 Achievement: Simplified electrical wiring and tested successfully Software updated to latest versions available in 2022 Strategic planning to include and ease the next generations of Pluto. Challenges: Not able to continue with the software’s used in Pluto 4.0 No clear electrical schematic available Less expertise with electronic and […]

Team introduction

The Teams consists of several Intakes of “Management of Product Development”. In the Master of Science Program participants are enabled to analyze, design, operate, and implement product development processes in their companies in an optimized way. In a repetitive optimization process each Intake further develops the already existing robot.

Overview Generations

PLUTO PROJECT Generations overview Pluto started out as student project at Intake 2017 to build an autonomous robot for cold beer delivery. As a modular platform, in the future it could be used as autonomous delivery robot for parcels and foods. For that each student generation develops Pluto further. The end point of the previous […]

Upcoming challenge for PLUTO 5.0

Upcoming challenges for Pluto 5.0 Mechanical Design:- To ensure the customers receive the final products , print the design concepts from Pluto 4.0 for housing to make the pluto safe from possible thefts.Even consider making a locking mechanism to make it more secure To excite the customer during delivery add some soft closing hinges with […]

Intake 2020

The team from left to right: TOP = Teddy Simpson, Chandan Karimane Manjunath, Daniel Ankele, Kevin Choque, Gokul Anand Dorairaj BOTTOM = Qian Hu, Sinem Sahin Theodore Simpson Responsibilities: Mechanical Design, hardware portion of the electronics and fabrication/assembly „Pluto was a great experience that involved all aspects of Product Development.“ linkedin Chandan Karimane Manjunath Responsibilities: […]

Pluto 4.0 – Intake 2020

PLUTO PROJECT pluto 4.0 – InTAKE 2020 Achievement: Improved electrical wiring Construction plan for lighter housing using 3D printing Improved Control Arm: Less weight Stronger Challenges: Corona situation: Not possible to come together as a team until EM3 No handover from the previous Intake Broken hardware in the robot No electrical schematic available No expert […]

Pluto 3.0 – Intake 2019

PLUTO PROJECT pluto 3.0 – InTAKE 2019 Previous Next In General: Make robot work more reliably Rethink business case, build Service app and make various delivery options work Make Pluto more robust Make robot more visible and save for the public Before After Comparison Pluto 1.0 and Pluto 3.0 Specific features: – Integration of a […]

Pluto 2.0 – Intake 2018

PLUTO PROJECT pluto 2.0 – InTAKE 2018 Previous Next Main achievements: – Modular and robust design future generations can build on– Driving outdoor & autonomous– 15kg of payload weight capacity– Obstacle detection & avoidance– Lock of beer compartment– Cooling system for beverages– Can operate day and night Timeline Challenges: – Behavior of brushless electric-motors– Breakdown […]

Pluto 1.0 – Intake 2017

PLUTO PROJECT pluto 1.0 – InTAKE 2017 Previous Next Achievements: – Green concept: high percentage of robot built out of wood– Lockable beverage compartment for 6x 0,5l– Device could follow a line on the floor + possibly stop in front of obstacles– Group stayed within budget– Promising produt profile generation, concept studies and hardware documenation […]

Intake 2019

The team from left to right:
TOP = Marten Beier, Timo Speck, David Contreras Schneider, Jonas Wilfert
BOTTOM = Sudeep Prakash, Marie Currle, Ranjith Kumar Mark